Psymun and Bobby Raps set a new Stand4rd on ‘Be Like That’

Image via Bobby Raps’ Instagram

The Stand4rd symbolise an iconic time in underground hip-hop. Psymun, Bobby Raps, Corbin (fka Spooky Black), Allan Kingdom and Psymun were a melting pot of talent, mixing r&b, rap and trap in order to make a concoction of bangers all throughout the year of 2014.

Although the group is on an indefinite hiatus, each member has gone on to be prominent in profilic in their own ways. Corbin released his gut-wrenching debut Mourn last year, Bobby Raps released the vulnerable Mark and produced for The Weeknd, Allan Kingdom released his debut album Lines and Psymun continued to produce amazing cuts across a broad board of artists. In order to reiterate their collaborative force, Psymun dropped a remix of Bobby’s 2018 cut ‘Be Like That’ – and it’s fire.

This remix drops the nocturnal, minimalist feel of Bobby’s original track for a more off-kilter soundscape, but it doesn’t lose its bop. The 808s are heavy, complimenting Bobby’s auto-tuned flows in a blockbuster of a way. This re-imagining is larger, denser and equally, if not more catchy. Bobby’s lyrics are introspective enough to be food for thought, but Psymun’s instrumental elevates it into becoming an undeniable anthem. Does this make us want more music from the The Stand4rd? Of course, but this remix is enough to hold us over until each artists’ next solo effort.

Check out Psymun’s remix of Bobby Raps’ ‘Be Like That’ below, and keep an eye out for new music from them soon.