Let Your Gutz Get Dirty, Thanks To RIP Swirl

Image via Who The Plug

Off the back of supporting Ross From Friends last Friday, RIP Swirl released his latest single ‘DIRTY GUTZ’ on SoundCloud. With yet another subliminal lofi-house track from the Berlin producer, you better hope theres a physical tape release featuring the track, as it’s been a thing he’s done for previous releases under his Paradise House label.

As you become familiar with ‘Possessed’ and ‘Long Island Medium’ from his discography this year. Take a second out of your day and keep up with everything Paradise House have planned, as they tend to throw parties everynow and then in Berlin. Building an open and friendly experience for party seekers, Luka tend’s to press unique, and one off shirts for each event. And with some left over glow in the dark shirts from the recent show, own a bit of history and enter paradise.