Keep Your Stove Off Around Z Money

Thanks to the bad boy Montreal producer Tommy Kruise; we got introduced to Chicago rapper Z Money with his edit of ‘Two 16’s’ which came forth from Z Money’s collaboration album ‘ZTM’ with buddy producer ‘ChaseTheMoney’. It makes sense that Z Money and ChaseTheMoney are the new rapper/producer powerhouse in 2018, as they are out for that money. Based off the success of ‘ZTM’ over the last five months, the music video for the opening track ‘My Stove’ just got a music video. Release over the weekend via WSHH the music video has already accumulated 100k views – with scenes of a house going up in flames, completely ruined and unliveable all because Z Money left his stove on. Everything from the beat to the lyrical content of the track is enough to win you over to team 1017 – as Z Money was one of a handful of rappers recently signed to Gucci Manes label this year.

If you think once the video is finished it’s back to listening to the next recommended video on WSHH, NO, you make sure to download the album and listen to the other six tracks off the project. Notable mentions are; Business, Diamonds Dancin’ and the two tracks that has Valee’s feature – ‘Look Up’ and the track mentioned at the very beginning, ‘Two 16’s’. Seeing as Valee got picked up by Kanye’s G.O.O.D Music label this yeat too – who knows what bridge will be built between both 1017 and G.O.O.D Music for future rap releases. All we can hope for is authentic and unique artists coming together on a bigger platform to see the evolution of rap reach new heights.