How Do You Like Your Eggs, Omelet Yah?

Image via NTS 


When you come to London, you’ll most likely come across the youth of today saying “RA”, in the company of their friends and counterparts. The London slang takes inspiration from the different Boroughs and areas. Well two days ago “RA” became the title of Omelet’s 5 track instrumental beat tape. A member of Londons own Neverland Clan, played at Boiler Rooms ‘Low Heat’ series earlier this year. those there might have been lucky enough to hear some cuts off ‘RA’ live on a decent sound system.

The beat tape isn’t your stereotypical ‘Grime’ instrumental tape filled with garage and heavy hitting bass lines. Instead you’ll hear a more boom bap sound, with well selected drums that fit the vibe and direction, that becomes euphoric and dreamlike. If someone was to ask you to describe the tape, you could basically say – “It’s has the sounds of old school Odd Future beats, but from the depth of South East London”.

A solid instrumental tape to say the least, from an artist making a name for himself – “Guns At The House Party” & “Dont Wanna Be” has to be our personal favourites, for those not knowing where to start with ‘RA’. Of course take the time out of your day while you make a meal, and listen to this from start to finish if you want to appreciate good beats.