End Your Week Off Right With Vittal Flex

Image via Vittal Flex

Vittal Flex said it himself “If you don’t like the track, i can’t do anything about it sorry”. For us, that’s not the case. The Lyon producer has brought forth the WRATH that is his latest single up on SoundCloud making the melodies, “with presets from Omnisphere 2 and Sylenth 1”. The sheer vibe and direction for this track sounds like it belongs in a video game. ‘Wrath’ leads you on a journey through multiple sound effects from Super Mario, 007 silenced gun shots right through to “PERFECT”, with a hint of a Chief Keef “BANG BANG” and theres enough bass and reverb layered throughout the track to destroy a pair of shitty headphones, or bust an eardrum. Vittal Flex is really FLEXIN his talent across the board, and if this single wasn’t enough for you, he’s gearing up to drop a music video along with it. When? Well you can be sure we’ll post about it when the time comes.