Dream Beach Discusses DOGSSS 1: SIDE B And Detroit Lines

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While most of North America and the Internet were paying attention to Houston, Texas for SXSW (South By (X) Southwest). Detroit producers; Dream Beach and Skywlkr geared up their first release ‘DOGSSS 1: Side B’ under Detroit Lines. Label/collective/crew/posse – doing something refreshing and entertaining for the good folk of Detroit. Coming close to the boards of Canada, but also close to the drill music capital Chicago, Detroit sits in a cozy lil spot that keeps it far away from the rest of its neighbouring cities/states. Both producers and their arsenal sidekick of talented friends (musicians themselves, who would’ve guessed!!), have been working on their solo careers while hacking away at Detroit Lines simultaneously. With Detroit fuelled and influenced by the multiple genres consisted of; house, techno, rock, rap and everything in between – thats basically the best way to describe everything taking place with the first release ‘DOGSSS 1: SIDE B’ which features – Killavesi, Tripp Jones, Pradamane and Squadda B of Main Attracktionz.  

Then as soon as Skywlkr got the cellphone made, we were like “Dudeeee this is it right here” we just started repping it.


Dream Beach shared the process and experiences that started off as a joke, that slowly led to something bigger than first expected. Read the transcribed FaceTime interview below. Send this interview to someones DM’s and hit their line.


Was the whole process of creating Detroit Lines, how did it come about?

Myself and Skywlkr started making music, probably like 3 years ago now. We started talking about how we knew the same people around town, we were coming up with different names for the group. It was really just me and him for a little while, I didn’t really know his friends group. It’s weird though me and Skywlkr go back, he used to play in a hardcore band, so me and him used to play the same local shows when I was in a band. I remember him wearing Hot Topic youth mediums with a scene haircut, we were always mutual acquaintances. At some point we ran into each for the first time in ages at Detroit Electronic Music Festival (Movement). I think he was playing with Danny, actually I’m not even sure if he was playing, he might have just been there. Ryan Hemsworth was playing and we just ran into each other, and we were like “Man lets get together and make some beats soon”. About a week later he ended up at my crib, and I dunno man, the Detroit Lines thing is really rare. We started chatting with Caleb Stone who’s a producer out here – he moved here from LA and he does some really crazy shit – and then Black Noi$e man. Just all of us hanging out, we all started bowling on Mondays, and just getting together and making beats together. We started doing these things called ‘Seasons’, and it was like these grand 10 minute beats with everybody adding a part – we’re actually going to start releasing them too – we’ve only put out one. At first we were like “Lets call the group Seasons” and we were like wait a minute that’s a really shitty name, and then it all came from a joke our friend (one of the dudes involved) Megablown started saying “DM Nation, hit the DMs, hit my line” and then we said “Detroit Lines”, I dunno it just came outta that joke. Because fuckin’ Black Noi$e started posting all these videos on Instagram like “Yo I’m real low, hit the DM, whatever you’re doing hit me up hit my Jag blah blah blahhh” and it became this catch phrase to the group. Then as soon as Skywlkr got the cellphone made, we were like “Dudeeee this is it right here” we just started repping it. I run a print op outta our garage so it’s crazy, I started making clothes like immediately so it’s been a really natural thing and now we are starting to throw events out here in Detroit. We almost called it ‘TyeDie’ and then we found out some dubstep project was called that and we were like “ MAN FUCK THAT” ahahah.


So you met Black Noi$e through Skywlkr?

Yah yah same story though. He played in a band called ‘Set Sail’ back in the day, really dope hardcore band dude, like everyone thought they were a straight edge band, it was crazy bro. I think he played guitar – so we all come from the same hardcore scene, the mosh scene.


Can people expect merch dropping soon then to rep?

Yeah man we dropped a bunch of stuff at the release show. We wanted to start it out here just to get it going locally, we have pieces made we’re just gonna wait. We wanna drop another tape and start dropping physicals man, we wanna start putting this stuff out in a physical way. We are just figuring out what to do still with the roll out, y’all will see soon.


With the launch party you guys threw, how did everything form for the night?

We’re throwing events at this place called ‘Off World’, it’s a really dope arcade venue, a sweet medium between music venue and old school arcade. Rob has been throwing a bunch of shows there, he threw Wiki with a couple of people and now its our spot, we just try to book shows there as much as we can. We have this big group of awesome producers, we gotta start doing the events, so I dunno man we wanna start curating more events like that. We’re putting together a Detroit Lines Pro Jam for rolling skating soon, so we’re gonna start doing a lot of curated events out here – and yeah it was DL001, and it was the first one, it was lit!!

Who played that, did all you guys DJ it?

Yeah it was everybody, Johan Baseball, Me, Raphy, Caleb Stone, Black Noi$e it was crazy to because Skywlkr was flying in from Iceland that day and his flight got set back. That dude literally flew in for the last hour of the show, got there at 12:30 when he pulled up. Right on time, so we just played some music, some of the dogs tracks, shit was poppin’ dude. And it was Saint Paddie’s day. Anytime the squad post about a show or their set people come through man – it’s really fuckin sweet out here right now.


Thats inspiring to hear, Detroit has a really forward thinking mindset when it comes to music!

People forget that techno was like birthed out here. I’ve been going to Movements (Detroit Electronic Festival) which people look to for inspirations. When people have South By Southwest in Austin, all the creatives rush to this (Detroit) part of the country for Movements – which is like our South By Southwest. I think it’s because the techno scene, being really prevalent out here it’s created a really morphed and refined listener. So when people are creating they have so much inspiration from techno, to rap, rock if you’re into that kinda shit, it’s everything out here man, I’m really happy to be here. It’s weird, like Shigeto throws parties in Detroit like alllll theeee timeee, it’s a dope thing. When I go to LA I’m like “Damn these events are tight” it’s kinda how you feel when you pull up to a WEDIDIT function in LA, I feel like Detroit is getting that kinda thing out here where theres dope lil events, that are intimate and dope!!

So with all these genres you mentioned, is that what you guys tried to combine with the four tracks on ‘ DOGSSS 1: Side B’ and the future of Detroit Lines? Because it’s great what you did with Killavesi’s vocals on ‘Too Deep’!

I mean my biggest influence is when I first started listening to the Myspace era of really weird blog house shit; Crystal Castles, weird electronic music that had this gothic feel to it. Killavesi has that edge where she has Chief Keef bars, but at the same time, she comes off when she sings, she’s like a modern Alice Glass right now. This is going crazy, I didn’t see it coming with that track at all – we actually worked with Tripp Jones on that track to have him on it. He had bars on bars which was sweet, but as soon as Killavesi sent us what she did i was like “Woahhhh this is actually an emotional track right now”. She’s talking about somebody like “Don’t let go of me”, my heart is really drawn to melancholy, Ive always been a fan of weird movie soundtracks and shit – vocals that speak and tug at your heart. Skywlkr and myself didn’t see that coming with Killavesi, we didn’t know we were gonna make a song that did that, I’m really proud of that track!!


You obviously got her onboard from when you were working on her own project ‘Killa’ right?

Yah yah, honestly she said she would try because of the beat – everything on the DOGSSS project is really lo-fi. We did a lot of experimenting to break that mix so it didn’t sound like many instrumentals out there right now. I knew that a lot of people I sent it to for vocals wouldn’t understand where to take it, but yeah man Killavesi just went right in. Its crazy, me and her got to work 1 on 1 in LA when I went out there, we did – Queen Killavesi, Stevie Wonder, Living Or Dead and Ahead Of Her Time – All those in the same room together, she literally wrote those bars right fuckin’ there, did em in one take thats who she is man. She’s the real fuckin’ deal, she goes for it, I fuck with Killavesi big time!


What was one of the first tracks you and Skywlkr worked on for the EP?

The first song we ever made together is the one with Pradamane, the instrumental for that used to be called “Root Beer Floating”. Because we were drinking root beer that day or some shit, one of the first beats we every made which was crazy. But one of the things thats unspoken about the EP is that its called ‘DOGSSS 1: SIDE B’, and the reason it’s called ‘SIDE B’, is because we have a Side A that are the original renditions of the beats, which we will release and put out. The versions with the vocals are like re-imaginations of some of the first beats me and Skywlkr made. So it’s interesting man, it’s interesting to see where all these melodies ended up after 2 years. Like when I wrote that it was 2 – 3 years ago, Root Beer was definitely one of the first times I ever tried to make a beat with him, that was one of the first things coming out of that session, it’s surreal.


Then working with Tripp Jones, how did that come about?

He goes hard, he does his own thing out in NYC, really putting it on for his city, plus he has a huge discography bro so many tapes. But I heard about him generally because my mans Black Noi$e did a track for him and at the time I was getting into Neds production a whole bunch, who did a tape with Tripp, so I was like “Man I’ve gotta hit this dude up” and we just started following each other and he was a fan of Skywlkrs stuff so it was chemistry from the jump.

Working with him is dope man, he wrote some real poetry for that shit man. Like “If a body falls in the middle of the forest does it really make a sound, if there ain’t nobody around” something like that, but I can tell he’s really solum, and a real dark vibe from the things he’s writing. But I know it comes from a place of power I guess, he’s one of those people that gets a lot of power from solitude, I could really feel that in the track, he’s really intense. Thats definitely the more intense song on the EP, very introspective shit.


I guess that was a good way to end it all. Starts emotional with Killavesi, down to Tripp Jones back at ground zero, being about confinement and being just about you.

Yeah it definitely ends on a dark note man. ‘Alone’ what Pradamane wrote is a really emotional tune about kinda the same thing as Tripp Jones. Nothing wrong with being alone, because you’re never really alone. He finds a lot of peace in god and that, and I can relate with people, I’m not exactly a religious person, but I’ve found a lot of beauty from people that live that way and have that kinda of faith, and I really fuck with him and Prada too. He’s about to drop this album and I have a track on it with him that I’m really fuckin’ excited about. He has a whole album that’s a non-voilence campaign, like he really is trying to let people know that you don’t gotta fall in the same sector about romanticising violence and shit like that. I’ve listened to soooo much music, been listening to Fredo (RIP) and Keef everyday of my life for a minute, I fuck with that shit you know what I mean. But it’s refreshing to hear somebody, who has been affected by it speaking his truth – so I fuck with Pradamane, I fuck with him real heavy.


For future releases put forth from Detroit Lines, what’s the possibilities of incorporating tracks with DOOMSHOP producers?

It’s not planned, but the way Skywlkr is working and those guys, everyday feels like something crazy can happen. He has like DJ Jalen and Taye from TEKLIFE, around chillin’, all those dudes kick it, it’s a really open vibe based off fuckin’ around. Anytime something happens I feel like we caught lightening in a bottle. I have so much love for footwork for everything TEKLIFE has brought to dance music – so to be around those dudes and feel what they do. If anything I’ve sat there and watched those dudes try to teach Skywlkr how to make fuckin’ footwork, theres no barriers, people aren’t holding on to their sound like equity. Everybody is trying to push each other, it’s fuckin dope like that man, I feel so blessed to have Detroit Lines in my life. Between Skywlkr doing what he does, Black Noi$e making some of the best techno I’ve heard – he really is pushing that shit forward and bringing something fresh to it. I dunno man, I cant say that the shit with DOOMSHOP can happen for sure, but I’m saying with the way things have worked I wouldnt rule it out at all man.


Thats exciting for everyone who’s a DOOMSHOP/Detroit Lines fan.

It’s like the single we have with Squadda B from Main Attractionz, that was a dream come true for me. He’s a fuckin’ legend in my eyes, really inspired so many artists and groups, it was a blessing to get him on the tape. Can’t thank him enough for his efforts on, “On My Feet”. 

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