DJ Smokey has 100’s N Da Safe

Image taken by Gurvin Dhillon 

“100 IN DA SAFE, 100 IN DA SAFE”, that’s what almost everyone dreams about in life. Luckily, thanks to DJ Smokey he turns your dreams into reality with his latest single / music video off the back off his second European tour this year. With all the footage filmed on Smokey’s positive squad euro tour, fans and admirers get to feast their eyes on some super rare footage never seen before. A psychedelic video game thriller experience crunched into 2:26 min all thanks to Positive Pabs on the sfx. It comes to show why the positive squad team lead the way in this day in age for the rest to mimic. 

And for those that follow DJ Smokey on Instagram and seen what happened to him over the last few weeks, send out your positive filled messages to the captain and wish him well. PROTECT DJ SMOKEY AT ALL COSTS.