Busu Is Back, And Hates Being Sober

Image via Busu 


From the title an observant Chief Keef listener would know what Busu did for his latest single, a cover of the Chicago Drill anthem ‘Hate Being Sober’ from ‘Finally Rich’.

Of course, Europagang’s Busu had his own take and twist on this, but if you had no knowledge of Keef this track would still sound monumental and sonically pleasing to your ears. With the rap genre drawing influences from heavy metal, rock and everything in between, Busu keeps the originality and rawness in rap and is conquering every aspect of the music industry.

Busu has been on the cusp of something revolutionary for the European country of Sweden since Yung Lean and the Sad Boys army took the internet by storm several years ago. This is Busu’s newest release almost a year after his album ‘Family’. So, If you truly hate being sober, sit back, and let the song take over your life and become an addict to the sounds of Neostockholm.